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It is always important to know where you stand financially if you want your business to be successful. You need to pay attention to your income and expenses so that your business can survive. Although you can survive some financial mistakes, it is important to do what you can to avoid it. Take a look at financial tips for optimal business growth. 

  1. Know How Long Your Existing Cash Will Last

It is important to always know how long you could survive if you didn’t take another penny in. If you know you would run out quickly, then you need to reduce spending and increase income. You will want to market strategically and focus on products that will give you cash flow. 

  1. Set up an Emergency Fund

You should always have an emergency fund in case the unexpected happens. No matter how hard you try, there is sure to be an unexpected cost at some point. An emergency fund allows you to take care of the issue and keep going. 

  1. Understand Cash Flow

There are several ways to think about cash flow. First, is there anything you can do to generate cash when you need it? You might have products you can pre-sell, for example. The second part is considering how long you can go without cash coming in. Know what number you need, and make a plan to hit your targets. 

  1. Lower the Cost of Acquiring Customers

In the past, free acquisition of customers was always a goal. Today, you can still work towards this goal, and look at ways to boost your income. Be careful getting caught up in these numbers because they can be misleading. In this case, how much it costs to get a sale is more important. 

  1. Stick with Your Core Business Plan

When you start a business, it is easy to get carried away after a little success. You should avoid focusing on short term profits because you need to reinvest that money to reach your long term goals. Make sure that you stick with your business plan so that you build a business that is sustainable and lasting.